An LUCC Old Favourite makes the big time

It has come to the attention of the avid MTV Dance viewer that an old member of the LUCC Christmas dinner has made the big time and has now managed to make its way into Armand Van Helden’s – I want your soul video. If this little guy can make it theres hope for us all.

The good old LUCC favourite


Moik and Clur – just married

The Happy Couple

On Saturday, we were wishing for no rain for a change, and our wish was granted, what a great day!

Best quote (Mike’s Dad): “I said to Mike, ‘Are you sure you want me to be best man, don’t you want one of your mates?’ Then I met his mates and I understood.”

Best green marzipan topo-duo (Claire):

kayak cake

Best pole climber: Callum

Best pole dancer: Chris

Fantastic day, congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster! Hooray for a brilliant couple!

 Photos: Debbie and Rachel (more pics from Rachel and Arlett). Thanks!

Think of a letter

Step 1. Send one beer.

pouringpouringpouringpouringpouringDear Dave, here is your beer

Step 2. Recieve one DVD.

 By return of post - that was quick!

Step 3. Watch the DVD. Simple!

DVDs of “Alps 007 the Bond Edition” are available now, from an australian near you.


CathSales Monster

Will and Cath, Glyder Fawr.

Featured Blog of the week – Dave Manby – Relentless River of Everest Preview

Dave Manby website

Mr Manby (Everest expedition, Mike Jones tour organiser, “Many rivers to run”, Gandalf), has kindly digitally re-mastered the original footage of the amazing 1976 paddle Everest expedition.

This is very handy, because now you don’t need a spool-to-spool and a relic cinema museum to play it in. You can watch it on DVD! (Available at Dave Manby Website).

It has always been amazing to watch. Now it has been tidied up at the edges and there are many extras, interviews, and bizarre footage of cardboard canoes on Sepent’s tail. (Preview here).

Book review: Odyssey Among the Inuit, Jonathan Waterman

Tremendously engaging book, fantastic kayak journey through NW passage, self contained chapters tangenting off in all directions of inuit life and history.

book cover

Amazon link

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Stanley Report and Noseclip kit review

I’ve always known that noseclips are just a visual marker to help identify who is “soft.” But have come round to the more modern view that I need a fashion accessory to match my nails. I have invested in a “Shaman Smiley” noseclip, developed by world champ Eric Southwick.

Its brilliant! Beyond belief and physics, doesn’t ever come off your nose. You can go through the car-wash on the outside of the vehicle, result! Avoids excrutiating brain-hosing. Avoids embarrassing 15-hour-post-salt-water nose waterfall. Hooray!

Now I am fearless Stanley girl. Oh yes. This is partly due to my shaman smiley clip, but mainly due to my very, very, very patient fairly-godmother, Phil B. Both advocate SMILING as the main factor in getting onto a wave, but only one of them shouts “OK, this time, try OPENING your fcuking EYES!”

Stanley team were: Will, Cath, Penny, Helen, Aussie Dave, Wigan Bob, Phil B, Rahooo and Martin, lovely day! More photos in Phil’s facebook album and Penny’s facebook album (facebook requires login).