Mersey Swim Saturday 28 July

Si and Dinny spent Saturday with 9 other paddlers from FOACC providing safety cover for annual cross-Mersey swim. 

The Mersey paddle was good. And yup there was some big ship dodgying, more so by some than others. Also a touch of sun burn you think I would have learned after st davids!

Pics from Dinny – more on facebook (requires login).


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  1. Just adding a nice report from the 2008 swim this year to give a flavour of what is involved:

    “The sun shone, there was only a light breeze and it was warm. (unless you were swimming). What a day to paddle THE RIVER, get the swimmers across and help raise money for charity. With perfect weather everyone seemed to be down early and there was a happy atmosphere as swimmers, supporters and friends, not forgetting us, got ready. After registration all the swimmers were marked up with their numbers. Something Helen watched with interest. For the first time there was a mobile disco lorry decked out in Liverpool 08 banners. This added to the big event ‘feel’, playing favourites such as ‘Ferry across the Mersey’ and ‘Heart as Big as the City’ . It was also great to see Echo reporter Nick Peet down to watch the start after his big swim the previous week. Not surprisingly he declined an invitation to do it again! This was the 15 Annual race organised by Liverpool LDSC and Tri4Life to raise funds for the Liverpool Heartbeat Charity, held in memory of one of their members Kenny O’Toole. River traffic was light for our paddle over to the Albert Dock but just at start time 11 am (high water) a couple of ships came up river and delayed us by 15 minutes. This loss of valuable ‘slack water’ meant that some of the slower swimmers were still in the water as the tide began running out and unfortunately about five had to be stopped and taken out for safety reasons. 37 swimmers took part with 18 managing to touch the timing mark at Monk’s Ferry slipway. Approx 12 more managed to touch the wall somewhere between the slipway and Woodside Afterwards all paddlers were presented with an impressive medal and treated to refreshments at the Swinging Arm PH nearby. The swimmers really do appreciate our help. It’s a fact that the event wouldn’t happen without our help Thanks again to HELEN SIERTSEMA, HARRY CRITCHLEY, STEVE BOND, BRIAN GREEN, JOHN YOUNG, CHRISTIAN DREW, LEN HARTLEY, GEOFF MARTIN, IAN VAUGHAN, VINCE MILHENCH, AND MIKE ALTER. In total there were 13 canoeists (one came with a swimmer) and even though conditions were good we had our hands full keeping tabs on the swimmers as they were spread out by the late start and tidal flow. We could have done with a few more on the water to feel comfortable and I hope more members will try to make it next year. It’s very satisfying and one gets some great views. Photos of the event may be viewed shortly on Thanks Again. Frank.”

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