Great Langdale Beck 28 July

grade III section - this is on Sunday when it has dropped furtherWelcome to the cake biscuitHow much are those doggies in the window? Chapel Style general store also sells groceries, touristic items, papers, anything you could need, including these puppies

Helen and Leo arrived in Lakes on Friday planning to chill out / go walking on Saturday, with optional pootle down the Rothay on Sunday. When we pitched the, oh, campervan 🙂 next to Great Langdale Beck, hey look! Its flowing very, very much! Quick check of the guidebook, and it says “water needs to be streaming off the fells”. Its streaming off the fells. So we change plans, and decide to do Great Langdale Beck in the morning.

Duh! In the morning, it has, of course, dropped 1.5 foot. 😦

But still bank full, and we did it anyway, and its delightful.

River Summary:

Near Dungeon Gill hotels -> Baysbrown farm 4km Grade II, plenty of little rapids, corners and pretty views.

langdale valley / grade II section

Baysbrown farm -> Chapel Style weir, 1km  more “natural”, not so canalised, stepping up to grade III, more nice rapids.

Chapel style weir, sloping, OK anywhere, then fairly gentle rapid, leading to Pillar falls IV- inspect/portage right. (In fact, close enough to weir that might as well inspect Pillar falls while you inspect the weir.)

Guidebooks say Pillar falls can be run near left or right bank, but not middle, as jagged rocks / pinning potential. At the level (middling flow, not in spate) it looked horrid to me all over, plenty of pinny-looking-rocks showing – to make it feasible left or right maybe needs a bit more water and a different paddler.

Pillar falls -> Elterwater village less than 1km. This has  grade III lovely rapids, one of them quite gorgy, with all the water chanelled through little constriction-with-a-drop. Whoosh!

End at Elterwater village.

Guidebooks: Great Landale Beck is described in “Whitewater Lake district”, “British Whitewater” and at Ukriversguidebook.


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