Madagascar – inspirational report

Many of you lucc folk know Chris Smith (Manchester), if only because he’s pushed you in at polo. Or beaten you at BUSA WWR. But what you may not know is that in 2006 Chris traveled to Madagascar to explore white water there, along with a team from “the poly“. Chris was supported in his trip by the Winston Memorial Trust / Mike Jones Award. He’s recently finished his report of the trip, and it makes for some inspirational reading.

More details on Chris’s blog site “the white bits

(Clicky click for pdf of report)


What is the Winston Memorial Trust?

Its a fund for financing travel in all kinds of areas, including new exploration and adventure travel.

What’s the Mike Jones Award?

Mike Jones was the doctor who was the leader of the Dudh Kosi Everest river expedition (1970s). This award was set up in his memory and is specifically for new challenges in kayaking or canoeing. Previous awardees include Paul Grogan, author of the Babushka book:


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  1. Hear hear!!! 🙂

    Thank you x

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