Playboating tips from kairisac – featured blog

OK, todays handy tips are on how to improve your playboating, watch and learn.

Courtesy of kairisac blog – with more playboating tips and details of boat construction methods…


8 Responses

  1. Very good… a pity the website is all in french or I would be making my own as we speak.

  2. wow! those little guys are awesome. I wonder how they learnt to be such good playboaters! The seem to have the “box position” down to a fine art, they hold their shape under all conditions.

  3. Wicked!!
    Have a similar clip somewhere under the LUCC kayak porn post

    PS- Weren’t we singing black betty in the alps as a potential paddle-tune?


    With guides on how to make them

  5. You planning on making a C1 foamie then (ultrafuge stylie complete with mini helmet-cam)??

  6. Well, I’ll have a detachable boater… so I can switch between C1 and K1 easily

  7. ah so you started yours already then… or is your reference to ‘detachable boater’ meaning yourself?

    PS looking forward to Norway yet 😉

  8. Love the playboating.

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