So you think you are a Tough Guy?

The lead up to Tough Guy is getting serious, and with 2 weeks to go I figure its time to share my training secrets…

As far as I can work out tough guy is about 3 things…. Running, Mud, and signing disclaimers. Its hard to prepare for the mud so I have concentrated on running and signing disclaimers.

So a typical week, I run on Monday, sign a disclaimer on Tuesday, run Wednesday… check out pictures of the winter tough guy to mentally prepare myself for the mud every other day of the week.


This year LUCC and associated wiganites have a fairly high representation at tough guy. Runners are (to the best of my knowledge), Myself, Will, Cath, Splinky, Kev, (Wigan Laura & Chris??)

Once you get to tough guy, the priorities remain the same… sign a dislaimer, have someone write on your head to prove you have signed a disclaimer


Then go for a run


Climb over some ropes



And cope with some mud


Thats pretty much it, Then call yourself Tough and have a beer



13 Responses

  1. Wow, good luck guys!
    Closest I’ll ever get to that is herbal-essances-mudpack-facemask.
    (Actually, it is quite tough.)

  2. hmmm- I still havn’t had any written confirmation for my entry :{ just some women asking (phoned) if I was entering for summer or winter. Anyone had their details through yet then??
    I’ve emailed them too, but still nothing (they usually inundate you with crap)

  3. Well.. I have got my number, my passport thingy… shedloads of mail. But I know Will was having problems too…

  4. Well I’ve been informed by my housemate that mail from chester is a bit slow…. so maybe thats it
    in my hast, I forgot to send them a passport picture!!! Will have to give em a bell (bugger) 😡

  5. I think the problem is your disclaimer form not getting there, I found it lying around, at least I think so: is it a scrap of paper that says “I, splinky, the undersigned have had my pain synapses ripped out and have been certified fit/insane* (delete as appropriate) by a doctor who I suspect has taken out life insurance on my name – he says thats what the “patient lottery” actually means. Signed Incy Splink esq. Meal requirement* (delete as appropriate) A) Mud on toast B) Extra mud on toast C) I am allergic to toast.”?

  6. actually I marked off option D) mud mud mud mud mud mud mud baked beans mud mud mud and mud

    [they were out of spam]

  7. Just called the tough guy…. er, guys and the er woman (i.e. not a guy) recorgnised my name within 2 seconds flat and had my race number for me!!!! How cool was that!?!?!

    so it’s game on dudes 🙂

  8. What squad are you in?

    Are you a Tough Guy? Front Squad? Bollocks to you squad?

    (Aussie… training to be the toughest of LUCC)

  9. dunno mate…. aint really that arsed squad

  10. Acutally, already checked this on the toughguy website…

    You are in the tough guy squad… this basically determines your starting position… Will (who is not listed on the tough guy site yet), will start behind us as a wetneck

  11. was that start…. or finish behind us (tee hee)

  12. Good luck tough guys!

  13. …. and I have dropped out, deliberately left the number behind…

    Got, 2.5 weeks til Norway and a questionable shoulder. (I blame the Ogwen)

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