God’s Own Country…

…so we asked Him, and He said Of course, That’s fine, They are for everyone to share.

Nice to be asked though. Obviously you’ve been properly brought up…?

Halifax, sir.

Very good.  First time you’ve run Hebden Water, I see?

Yes, sir.

You’ll like the way I’ve done the twisty bits.

Continuous III+ is it, then?


Oh Aye…..(wink)

Erm, anything in particular we should be aware of?

Well, there are a few tree hazards. One semi-submerged branch that should be passed very hard left is going to cause your friend some…oh…mortal danger … but nothing a lad from Halifax wouldn’t be able to sort out.

Further on, a river-wide strainer makes a definite portage – you’ll see it and get out river left.

The weirs are mostly fine – one where your friend should really paddle “Hard” not “Half.” (Does she listen?)

Later on, among farmland, another weir where the riverbanks on both sides are stone walls, you’ll want to clamber out river left and walk round a rather unpleasant-looking smiley towback.

 I didn’t design that bit, by the way.

 Apart from that, lots of glorious rapids. Plenty to get your heart racing, you’re going to have a real blast.

You should join us?


I’ll pass, thanks. Its the Omniscience, you see. Very handy in general, I find. But it does take away a certain … edge. “Read and Run.” Harumph.

Oh yes, on the subject of being All-Knowing, this summer deluge, how long might it carry on…..?? From the point-of-view of slotting in a few more mid-week runs…??

I generally like to make it around the 40 day mark, give-or-take.


You’re welcome.

Handles like a big cork, tends to get stuck on mountains a bit

For more info on Hebdon Water, see UKRiversGuidebook


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  1. Pictures from ben of the following eve:


    pic 2

  2. yey halifax 😀 pro’er lad me!

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