North Wales weekend

Right, don’t know if anyone else noticed, but it rained a lot last week.

So, after several phone calls, I managed to find ONE person who was willing to drive me to a river (got to get my own car). Anyway, Lyndsey and I managed to make it out for 2 days of fairly cruisy paddling, Splinky joined us on Sunday.

Lindsey Aussie Daveloopsy


Day one saw us take on Nomads, JJ’s what ever you want to call it, only one car led to a bit of a park and play session, I was surfing to the extreme in Martin’s ammo, while Lyndsey was ripping it up (she pulled off a couple of loops… I was very impressed). We also met a couple of randoms Lyndsey vaguely knows from ukrgb. Overall they were a good laugh, Mitch had an S6 he had converted to a C1, I had a crack in it and thoroughly sucked, tried to roll the thing, no chance. Some other guy around was a regular C1 paddler, came over for a chat, before the you know it we are getting C1 lessons. Lyndsey rolls it on her 2nd attempt and never fails again. (kayak rolls DO NOT WORK in a C1, proper technique makes a big difference). However offside ferry glides prove to be a challenge, this leads to us running the course 3 times cause we are incapable of getting the boat to the car park side.

Lindsey C1

Saturday night… Curry and Kellys, a winning combination (Helena is too good at table football)

Sunday, Splink, Lyndsey and myself teamed up with Mitch, Matt & Katt (randoms 1, 2 & 3). And headed to North Wales. I think we were all a bit vague about each others paddling competence, so ended up running some easier rivers (which I don’t remember the names of) and a ditch, but a cruisy river play day… would paddle with any of the randoms again. They were a good friendly group of competent paddlers, Mitch seemed to know the North Wales rivers pretty well which is useful for a passenger like me… and Matt has a house near Stanley.

Finish up with a Smoke-free Kellys night on Sunday. Without Helena the table football was a lot more even, until some other Germans challenged us to a match… (do they not have pool tables?)

Thanks Lyndsey for doing the driving…


3 Responses

  1. You mention the paddling, the curry, the fussball (table football), the pub but no mention of the palatial accomadation, or your inability to lock a door at 5.30 am on a monday morning.

    Good weekend mate catch you soon.

  2. Oh, yeah and Si and Rach’s new place is very, very nice. The spare room is like 3 times the size of my bedroom. They have places to keep kit, boats, bikes… I hope to stay there often (if they let me)

    The door was a challenge, but I would have got there soon enough (I just struggle to function at that time in the morning)

  3. Knew people from Stanley and other various eddies along the way. I have yet to meet anyone I talk to on UKRGB.

    Sunday –
    Llygwy. Pont Cyfyng to Ugle house
    Llygwy. Swallow Falls to Bets y coed
    Nantgwyryd. Pont y pass to (almost) the lake.

    Si and Rach, a big thanks for lending me some floor space.
    Penny, brill night. Hope you settle in nicely at your new place.

    Note to self: Learn to ferry glide/steer towards your off side BEFORE going to the other side of the river.

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