Great Langdale Beck 28 July

grade III section - this is on Sunday when it has dropped furtherWelcome to the cake biscuitHow much are those doggies in the window? Chapel Style general store also sells groceries, touristic items, papers, anything you could need, including these puppies

Helen and Leo arrived in Lakes on Friday planning to chill out / go walking on Saturday, with optional pootle down the Rothay on Sunday. When we pitched the, oh, campervan 🙂 next to Great Langdale Beck, hey look! Its flowing very, very much! Quick check of the guidebook, and it says “water needs to be streaming off the fells”. Its streaming off the fells. So we change plans, and decide to do Great Langdale Beck in the morning.

Duh! In the morning, it has, of course, dropped 1.5 foot. 😦

But still bank full, and we did it anyway, and its delightful.

River Summary:

Near Dungeon Gill hotels -> Baysbrown farm 4km Grade II, plenty of little rapids, corners and pretty views.

langdale valley / grade II section

Baysbrown farm -> Chapel Style weir, 1km  more “natural”, not so canalised, stepping up to grade III, more nice rapids.

Chapel style weir, sloping, OK anywhere, then fairly gentle rapid, leading to Pillar falls IV- inspect/portage right. (In fact, close enough to weir that might as well inspect Pillar falls while you inspect the weir.)

Guidebooks say Pillar falls can be run near left or right bank, but not middle, as jagged rocks / pinning potential. At the level (middling flow, not in spate) it looked horrid to me all over, plenty of pinny-looking-rocks showing – to make it feasible left or right maybe needs a bit more water and a different paddler.

Pillar falls -> Elterwater village less than 1km. This has  grade III lovely rapids, one of them quite gorgy, with all the water chanelled through little constriction-with-a-drop. Whoosh!

End at Elterwater village.

Guidebooks: Great Landale Beck is described in “Whitewater Lake district”, “British Whitewater” and at Ukriversguidebook.


Facebook links to WordPress

Facebook now has a cunning app for displaying wordpress posts. This is very pleasing to my “inner nerd,” because now this wordpress blog is displayed on my facebook profile, hoorah.

On a related note, please do not send Cath any fish.

Cath’s aquarium

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Loonsey: Featured blog of the week

Does it feel strangely quieter here in the UK? You thought it was because the school holidays have started, but actually its because our Loonsey has left the country.

If you listen very carefully, you can hear the gentle notes of a guitar fading into the distance: She is on a road trip of Europe, kayaking and tune-writing, she’ll be updating her blog soon:

Here are the places she’ll be visiting, we are not at all jealous:

Loonsey road trip


Madagascar – inspirational report

Many of you lucc folk know Chris Smith (Manchester), if only because he’s pushed you in at polo. Or beaten you at BUSA WWR. But what you may not know is that in 2006 Chris traveled to Madagascar to explore white water there, along with a team from “the poly“. Chris was supported in his trip by the Winston Memorial Trust / Mike Jones Award. He’s recently finished his report of the trip, and it makes for some inspirational reading.

More details on Chris’s blog site “the white bits

(Clicky click for pdf of report)


What is the Winston Memorial Trust?

Its a fund for financing travel in all kinds of areas, including new exploration and adventure travel.

What’s the Mike Jones Award?

Mike Jones was the doctor who was the leader of the Dudh Kosi Everest river expedition (1970s). This award was set up in his memory and is specifically for new challenges in kayaking or canoeing. Previous awardees include Paul Grogan, author of the Babushka book:

Ocean Paddler Magazine Review

Just got the 1st issue of Ocean Paddler magazine through my letterbox yesterday. I think I may need to buy a coffee table to put it on – it is very glossy with high-quality pics and poshly produced. Not at all what I was expecting for the low subscription price:

Special offer £25 for first 12 issues, offer available until 1st Aug only.

Ocean Paddler Magazine issue 1 cover

Articles include expedition reports from Tasmania and other far flung places, by famous names: Jeff Allen (expedition paddler), Justine Curvengen (film maker “This is the Sea” DVD series) and others. Also articles about places the average paddler has rather more chance of visiting: the gradually growing popularity of Croatia as a sea paddling tourist destination, along with detailed logistics of how to arrange it yourself, lists of operators et. Practical sections include one on basic incident management, and a “Photo class” from Doug Wilcox, who many will know from his regular contributions perfect pics of scottish  coast and islands on ukseakayakguidebook community pages.

Its a very good mix. Exactly what you’d want: Some stories from people who’ve taken the trouble to go to dangerous, remote or extreme places so that I can enjoy hearing about them in the comfort of my armchair / bath; Some dream holiday destinations to aspire to visiting; Some practical advice to think about. Also a lot of reviews of equipment for shiny-gadget-gazing.

The only small quibble I have with this magazine is that the writing is a bit small. Being a so-called “Young’un”,  my eyes just aren’t as good as they used to be… But I guess that small print also means you get more words for you money, baragin!

This is a super magazine, and is obviously instantly popular with the sea kayaking community, see more opinions on this thread of ukriversguidebook and this blog review at southwestseakayaking.

Playboating tips from kairisac – featured blog

OK, todays handy tips are on how to improve your playboating, watch and learn.

Courtesy of kairisac blog – with more playboating tips and details of boat construction methods…

Sun 15th July Calder (Halifax) Grade II pootling

Leo and Helen paddled from Mytholmroyd to Sowerby Bridge slalom course. River was just about full, not over the grass. A nice pootle with slalom course drops at the end – Leo’s first ever river swim was on the 2nd of these, haha. We saw heron, kingfisher, wagtail, geese.

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