Jenny L – Tyne Bridge jump – Swaziland appeal

Here’s a picture of Jenny Lees abseiling off Tyne bridge. Fool. Here are pictures of her friends in Tyneside and in Swaziland – all of them are scouts involved in an annual summer programme of works, to both improve clinic infrastructure and provide sports facilities and activities to young people living with HIV Aids in the Hhohho district of Swaziland.

Jenny and coJenny Lees checking her harness

International ScoutsCampingSunny day

Please read on to learn about the work they will be doing at the scoutcamp this summer. At the moment, the scouts are busy fund-raising (hence the close encounter with the river Tyne) – big thanks to all those who have sponsored Jenny!

How to donate:

If you would like to donate money towards clinic improvements, that would be great , please write a cheque to 19th Newcastle Scout Group and mark the back of the cheque Swaziland and send it to: Jenny Lees, 7 Tintern Court, Perton, Wolverhampton, WV6 7XG. Please indicate whether you are a UK tax payer, as tax we reclaim can make your money go further. Alternatively, you can give money to Helen H, and she will pass it on. Any donation large or small will help, thanks.

Gathering water for cementSiftingJenny, put your back in to it

Jenny, Helen L, Ross and a bunch of scouts from Newcastle will be joining scouts from Swaziland and all over the world this summer, from 26th July onwards. The aim of the summer camp is two-fold:

Firstly, the scouts will be visiting schools and communitiy centres throughout the district, running activities for kids, and distributing sports equipment collected together over the last few months and training sports providers. This part of the programme is called “Balls2Africa!”

Secondly, all volunteers will be working together to improve the infrastructure around the National Scout Centre in Swaziland. By upgrading the building and its environs, this will bring it up to Red-Cross standards so that it can be used to run regular health clinics.

2006 clearing ground for water pipesFoundations2006 Bright smile

This programme has been running every summer for the last few years – Jenny and Ross have attended in previous years and have helped with the installation of a water pump to the building and drainage ditches. Plans this year include improving the supporting structures of the water storage tanks, installing an electricity supply and fencing the grounds.

The volunteers and scouts have all paid their own air-fares and accomodation for the trip, so they are not asking for help with those costs, but would really appreciate any money that you could spare towards the materials needed for the repairs and improvements to the Scout Centre / Clinic building – for example, if lucc/lucky could raise £50, this would cover the materials needed for the electricity box and cables, which would be a great benefit.

The programme is obviously going to be a great experience for the young people from Newcastle, and for their friends in Swaziland, and has been designed with the Every Child Matters agenda firmly in mind. Namely: 1) Be Healthy 2) Stay Safe 3) Make a Positive Contribution 4) Enjoy and Achieve 5) Achieve Economic Wellbeing.

This programme is an example where local volunteers, in this case Swazi scouts, and international volunteers are working together to improve the day-to-day experiences and opportunities for young people. Although HIV rates are staggering, at around 44% in Swaziland, the future for children living with HIV Aids is, nevertheless, a brightening one. Programmes like this underline how, often, those initiatives which are made in shared partnership with dedicated individuals and groups within affected countries are those which effect real results.

Looking forward to seeing pictures and reports of Jenny and friends’ trip, looks like its going to be another fantastic adventure. 

Sitting down on the job


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