Alps – links to photos

Of our 8 day trip to the French Alps, there are only 14 seconds which are not documented in some way in pictures or film. Unfortunately, those 14 seconds were the whole of Wookie’s swim down Chateau Queras, quel dommage.

Nevertheless, there are many lovely pics to look at, a selection of your albums are linked here. Please tell me addresses of any more albums – if they have a publicly-accessible address, so much the better. (Most of the following require facebook login, which is free). 

Looking forward to reading any reports on the Alps or anything else you’ve been up to. xxh

Andy B's pics of CQ via ferrata on facebook  Andy B’s CQ via Ferrata pics on Facebook

Kev's Alps pics on facebookKev's Alps pics on facebook

Kev's Alps pics on facebook  Kev’s Alps pics on facebook

Helen's CQ rafting pics   Helen’s rafting pics

Lloyd and andy climbing Lindsays Alps pics

Sara Alps pics Sara’s Alps pictures on facebook


3 Responses

    -Gyronde Via ferrate
    -Chataux Q Via ferrate

    The other link is just to my Durance Gorge Via ferrate.

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