Scotland DVD review (and preview)

Another fine offering from Down Under Productions, vies with previous DVDs. The only weakness being the dearth of paddleable rivers, so a bit less “photage” for Dave to play with. Nevertheless, he’s still managed to serve up several neat portions of waterfall action, carnage, and our own special Riverdance star:

The full DVD is available from Aussie Dave – by whom one blank DVD and one beer would be gratefully received – email your order.

The DVD is arranged nicely into sections: “Thursday”, “Friday”, “Saturday”, “Not the Etive”, and “Monday.” This gives the viewer a good idea of how little water was sloshing around. There are also bonus sections: “Jitterbug” “Scotland is Heaven” and “the Photos.”

Whats this coming over the hill, is it a monster, monster? Oh no! Would it were a monster, but in fact its lucc on the Etive doing triple step. Looks like great fun, and footage of everyone, including lots of freshers, good to see.

Ruby ruby ruby ruby. Does ruby drink out of a watering can too? Here we see student rituals being newly formed, later to be set in stone, swapped with other universities, infecting the world, I’m mixing my metaphors here, its a watering can.

“Not the Etive” That would be the Findhorn, then? Some cracking footage of Randolphs Leap, how to (and how not to?) run it. (No comments from luckyblog here, I’ll strictly only ever be running it from my DVD player).

Now why are we mainly watching the vid? For carnage! Yes! Well, there’s less of this that usual, guys, have you been practicing or something? That’s cheating! But there are still nice, satisfying moments.

Carnage highlight: there’s a very nice moment when a pinballing, upturned green boat (who?) momentarily achieves complete stillness, hung in an exquisite moment…. is it a pin?….. no…. the ballet moves on, the swimmer exits, everyone breathes, lovely.

As well as the carnage, there are good shots folk running stuff the more traditional way up, with big smiles or looks of intense concentration. The slightly psychedelic colours of plastic contrasted against the muted river and rock colour look really nice in these clips, giving a magical sense and a great feel-good factor.

“Scotland is heaven” is all the best bits, some nifty freeze frames. This is certainly the showcase of the DVD, holiday happiness, social and rock-bounce, all rolled into one cheese sandwich.

“Jitterbug”  a brilliant montage of a dancy-ing Mr Potts. Lovely moves, Will, you’re going to win at Kev’s “Every-disco-move-must-be-a-paddle-stroke” dance game.

“Monday”, has some nice shots of general faff and kayak-snails picking their way carefully to the top of … yes, the Etive again.

You know that feeling when you release a bowling-ball with hope and luck, and then watch it go…..completely wrong? A nice shot of Ade precision launching someone (who?) into the etive 3rd step, and they land exactly upside-down. Spot on!

And finally, a slideshow of photos, with good panoramas of the mountain walks and a lot of smiling faces.

This is a lovely DVD, nice work Dave, looking forward to the Alps one.

Review by luckyblog and cavemansi.


3 Responses

  1. Not sure if said upturned boat is me but im guesing it is and yeah i felt like a pinball but all good fun and didnt exit my boat, damned dogged determination. really must work on my roll

  2. Very complementary review… and yay, I am on YouTube, there is a first for everything.
    In the “Not the Etive” Section, there is the Arkaig, the Spean Gorge, and the Findhorn (with some guest footage from Andy Rahoo). Pretty certain the carnage is Matt, and I vaguely remember Lloyd struggling to Roll at the top of Right angle falls.
    Somewhere entering circulation is DVD mk 2. A slightly better menu system (ie doesn’t stop after every chapter) and a background pic. And copies of all the photos in a data section, so you can pull them off and stick them on your PC.
    Alps is going to be wicked… I already have a theme for the DVD.

  3. […] you know, Scotland DVD is Finished!, with review and preview here. Its very marvellous. It includes what Riverdance should really mean, i.e. a strange Wiganite […]

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