St Davids: Porth Clais to Solva

near porth claiscavecircling 

Sue, Neil, HelenH, Laura, Anna, Leo, Daffers, Gina, Jenny and HelenJ did a gentle trip from Porth Clais to Solva, while Chris walked and cycled and photographed us and waved at us with his gammy arm.


Check out Welsh Sea Kayaking (Pesda Press) for charts and descriptions of this trip. 

Porth Clais is a tiny creek port which can be reached from our campsite by heading back toward St Davids and taking any lane to the right. There is plenty of parking, with an honesty box.

Solva  is a village buried within “Green Scar” inlet, and has a carpark, three pubs and a cafe.

We picked this gentle trip because it doesn’t involve any tidal calculation, as its completely contained in the large and sheltered St Brides Bay. This bay does form a large slow moving eddie, but at its fastest, the flow is still pretty much less than 1 knot.

There are plenty of caves, inlets and rock-hopping opportunities all along this piece of coast.

 We did plan to do the trip both ways, but because one of our beginners was having back problems, we ended up going very slowly and testing out different towing techniques 🙂 which was actually quite fun. In fact, the trip was, for some of the time, against the slow eddie current, so this meant that lessening our pace so drastically did actually have an exaggerated effect on the time taken to reach Solva. In this situation, our other beginners were pretty tired too by the time we got to Solva, and we ended our trip there, at the pub. Chris cycled back along the hilly route back to Porth Clais to do the shuttle. Chris, you are our hero!

in the pubnear solvaanna 

All in all, although this trip was longer than planned, it was very calm and pretty. And, importantly, Leo caught 2 nice makeral for my tea.

For the future, this would make a good club beginner trip, or general scenic trip e.g. planning for one way rather than both ways, as long as all beginners are already fairly steady paddlers. Another alternative with more flexibility for a mixed ability group would be to start and end at Solva, exploring the caves and archway to the left and right of there, with those paddlers of higher stamina making a trip around the rocky islets opposite (Black Scar).


2 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed this trip. It was my first taste of sea kayaking and it, (along with paddling round Puffin Island last weekend), gave me a real bug for it, to the extent that I am trying to organise a trip for August!!

  2. wonderful pictures greetings from sofia

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