St Davids – cake report

Maybe someone will post a paddling report or a weather report or a surf report. This is the cake report from Helen, Laura, Chris, Leo and Anna. We listened to the Welsh National Orchestra practice some nice music in the Cathedral. Then we ate this:


It is chocolate and walnut brownie from “The Refectory.” It is very hard to choose between this and Guiness cake. So we ate both.

Edited: Please check the comments for the book report, beer report, port report and here are Simon’s pics

Port Report


3 Responses

  1. I could write a book report…

    I think it was “over the edge” by Michael Bane, good book “regular guy” does “extreme” stuff.

    Hard to tell how extreme the stuff is having not done much of it myself (and on the paddling task he throws money at it, and goes totally unprepared into some really big stuff) but still a slightly inspiring if you put your mind you can achieve anything type book.

    Can’t wait to see how it ends.

  2. I’ll do the beer report.
    Some beer was drunk, including Budweiser, Petterman by stellar artois, old perculier as well as some local brews. The 2 local brews were Bishops finger (cue middle finger gestures) and The Rev James, known by its good friends as The Rev. There was some Cheeky vimto doing the rounds one nite in the pub as well as a very interesting lecture by Mr Potts on Port. Also the beer garden of the farmers Arms is quite pleasent in the afternoon if its bright.
    It must be mentioned that the youngester LUCC member who wont be mentioned (becca) was drinking no beer at all but opting for weird coloured alcoholic things like pina colarder.

    It has also been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the walk to the pub is a 2 beer walk (or if your being classy like will and cath 1 bottle of wine between 2)

    my pictures of the weekend are availble at :

  3. Yup- an ace time was had. Good to see such a large group. Some of the newer members too. A nice chilled-out time was had by all (well apart from the hardcore Dinny and Will putting the rest of us to shame). My car stereo is still locked 😦 [left the boot open > battery drained > stereo thought it was being nicked and needs a security code to unlock it now]. Within 2min of searching for said code… t’was found (hoorah) BUT was for the original stereo, which the previous owner had swapped (grrrr). A 5hr drive with no music can be a tad bit pants… but was all good in the end 🙂

    Bring on the Alps!!

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