Nelly the elephant packed her trunk

Oh dear, Ressuscie-Annie is looking a bit peaky. Has she had a terrible accident with a marker pen? Goodness, she’s not responding to our questions, even when we flick her ear in an irritating way…..

Hi Annie, are you feeling a bit blue

After all the usual checks (see whole article), we start CPR at 30 compressions then 2 breaths.

Handy Hint of the day: 30 compressions is two verses of “Nelly the elephant”, quite fast.

Eight of us attended Ian Bell’s aquatic first aid course this week. We learned a lot of things, many thanks Ian!

Fuller version of the primary survey and CPR: Having checked for Danger, Airway, Breathing (for 10 seconds) and signs of Circulation (check pinkness, don’t try to take pulse), we can see its an emergency. Special case: If Annie is a drowning victim, (Vat of marker pen ink???) we’d give her 10 breaths now. Otherwise, straight to the next step: Summon Help (112 is best from mobile) and then commence CPR:

30 compressions at 100 per minute, then

2 Breaths, repeat, repeat, repeat…

For  latest CPR guidelines and a lot of other advice, see  St John’s Ambulance  advice pages.


One Response

  1. The dummy isnt looking too happy, Who tried to slip it some tounge instead of giveing it some breaths? hehehe

    Serously though a cracking course by all acccounts more people should go on it!!!

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