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Babushka book cover

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‘Barbed Wire & Babushkas’ by Paul Grogan. Two English kayakers set off to run the Amur river of Siberia, source to sea. Thats over 4000km of mosquitos, forests and surreal bureaucratic barriers – the Amur is a sensitive China-Russia border. It can only really be paddled by people who are able to talk themselves out of various “AK47” situations and live on a mixture of weevils, porridge and mystery tins. The story is interspersed with visits from a series of colourful, mostly incredibly kind and generous people who tend to adopt the two kayakers and ply them with vodka. This is what makes the journey, and the book.

A treat to read, get it.


2 Responses

  1. […] Mike Jones was the doctor who was the leader of the Dudh Kosi Everest river expedition (1970s). This award was set up in his memory and is specifically for new challenges in kayaking or canoeing. Previous awardees include Paul Grogan, author of the Babushka book: […]

  2. A great read 🙂 made me laugh out load on a few occasions.
    I’m now dreaming of paddling trips……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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