Anglesey Weekend – Sun, Sea and Seals

(27th-29th April) 

After loading and unloading Penny’s car for only the sixth time we finally managed to pack all the paraphernalia required for a top weekend in Anglesey. With me comfortably lodged between a windsurf sail and a paddle we were off! First, through the Wirral’s “ring of steel” to follow the route of the North wales visual telegraph, across one of the richest mussel beds in the world to Anglesey. Arriving in Holyhead just in time for last orders, we met up with Helen, Rachel, Will, Cath and Dinny.

A late night was followed by an early morning for Dinny, Cath and Will. They set off on a 30 mile (45 minute, by the wookie-calculator) paddle out to the Skerries.

 cath and willDinnywe three

Helen and Rachel felt almost guilty waving them off from the windy beach –  carrying a boat in that wind was taxing enough, let alone paddling! Meanwhile Tamsin, Penny and I were dining on fried eggs and bacon at Tesco Cafe.

After our leisurely start Helen, Rachel, Penny, Tamsin and I set off to explore LLanddwyn Island on foot, by canoe and by sail. Perfect weather on this sheltered side of Anglesey allowed a relaxing trip with a long lunch to watch the seals. A glass of wine for our mid-afternoon break and we completed our trip with a second lap of the island.

 Back to camp where, perfect timing, the BBQ was just lit and we could settle down to our sausages and kebabs. Sadly, this was where it was to end for Penny and I as we headed back  to Liverpool. Tamsin was kidnapped by another car and decided to stay for …


valley-of-the-rockstar campsite

Rachel sang “Bye-bye, Miss American pie” rather better than Madonna. Will sang “What shall we do with a drunken English/Irish/Red Rover, early in the morning m’hearties?” with the added benefit that we didn’t get pestered to sing any more songs.

On Sunday, Tamsin, Will, Cath and Alison paddled round puffin island in a fairly stiff breeze and patted the seals. Helen and Rachel went for a pleasant stroll, taking advantage of the Anglesey weather-wormhole, whereby when it is April at puffin island, it is mid-August at South Stack.

A top weekend!


4 Responses

  1. “A late night was followed by an early morning for Dinny, Cath and Will. They set off on a 30 mile (45 minute, by the wookie-calculator) paddle out to the Skerries”

    I think this should be clarified, i said it was possible to cross from the Skerries to North Stack in 45 mins!! nothing wrong with the wookie calculator 🙂

  2. Did you see some other paddlers at the stacks? Some folks nearly had a problem with wake from the high speed ferry:

  3. That wake could easilly have just been off Cath, Will and Dinnys boats as they powered past at 40mph.

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