More on the Scotland trip.

Another interesting Scotland.  It was quite dry for the most part but it was a few good days off from the constant study for finals (at last) with some good friends, and some of the younger newbies in the club (future good friends).   As someone has already said, we bagged a few rivers even though the levels generally were low. And things were, er, eventful…

Us in the pub,  where else would we be?

 Saturday I was one of the “mountain biking group,”  aka walkers number 3. With me being a confirmed non hill walker (I am from Norwich after all) and it being quite warm, we went for a walk along the Pattack.  Walking its entire length from the last drop right up to the falls with a nice stop on the river banks for a wee paddle and a spot of lunch. Was a good walk in the shade and, although not as high as the other groups overall, I think we walked enough up and downs for us to have done the same height climbs overall. It was also a cracking chance to full scout the Pattack as this river is on my too do list. Its a classic grade 3/4/5 pool drop gorge type run.  On the way back down we stop by the end pool for a little rest and cool down – as you can see some people need to cool down more then others and Jimbob got his kit off.

Pattack falls JimBob swiming

Sunday and the annual easter sunday pilgramige to the Findhorn saw a day of two halfs. First half was a little scrappy in places and a very pleasant run considering a low water level.  I met with my nemisis again and won, so 2-1 to me at the moment! Then there was the second bit,  Randolphs leap and down. Randolphs leap didn’t go well for me as I got flipped upside down, my paddles stuck, swam and I got sucked back in and down to the undercut drop where I went over. But thats all fine…whats makes it bad is that I am caught on camera doing all of that, and its doesnt look totally flattering. 🙂

We all know what comes next: Rachel, a gorge, a big big wack to the head upside-down and then some police, ambulance, coast guards, moutain rescue and a SAR helicopter. Not the best afternoon of my life, or Rachels for that matter. But I am very glad the emergency system works.  Big thanks to all those involved especially, Mike, Andy, Matt W, Will, Ade, Tom and all the emergency service guys. Goes to show anything can happen and when it does you’re best paddling with people you can trust and rely on to do the right thing and have the right gear to do it.

Well, for next year, the hut’s booked, so looks like same time same place and fingers crossed for some more water – I’ve got some boxes to tick. 

Oh yeah, I broke another boat, but after getting Rachel back in one piece  it really doesnst matter.


2 Responses

  1. Yay, cool pics (apart from having to see Jimbob’s naked body, obviously).

    Thanks for posting about the rescue – amen to all those sentiments.

  2. Amen to those sentiments indeed. I don’t know where I’d be without those wonderful friends who said, did and possessed all the right things to get me out of there; and without the amazing work of the mountain rescue, coastguard and the search and rescue helicopter.
    I would post up a detailed report of what went on, but I’ve written it up and I’m trying to get it published, so I’ll wait until that’s sorted until I do (or you can read it in print! maybe). Needless to say, I’m very grateful that my back wasn’t seriously injured. I’m feeling loads better now, I’m having physio and I’m told I’ll be ok in 5/6 weeks.

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