Kayak – a book by william nealy

Kayak, Neally.

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This book is, as you would expect, very funny indeed.  More unexpectedly, everything in it is actually true and useful. Understanding river features and flow is so much easier with lovingly-drawn diagrams of multiple doomed mini-paddlers, pre-trashing, post-trashing and during-trashing.

 This confirms everything you already suspected, namely. Rivers do contain

  •  Rolling pin machines for making the water flow
  •  Plugholes
  •  Watergoblins
  •  Giant hands which pop up and play basketball with your head.

Most topical at the moment, is the chapter on First Aid. I’ve copied the whole chapter here just for you:


Coincidentally, there is an aquatic first aid course in May at Liverpool Guild of students on the evenings of Mon 14th and Mon 21st May. If you would like to sign up for it, let me know xh


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