BUSA old boys results

Haha, we did BUSA, and despite all attempts by “team supremely unlucky” to self-destruct before the tournament, we still had a team of: Will, Ali D, Jenny, Helen, Cath and borrowees Ducky and Ian.

 Saturday we played the other teams in our minigroup, thats: Leeds (we lost), Bath (we lost) and Cardiff (we lost). Is there a pattern here? 🙂

Sunday, we played a crossover game against Loughborough olds. Although they also beat us, about 2-0, this was a far more enjoyable game and more at our level, hooray!

Highlights of the weekend were: Watching the students do loads better than us (well done!), Slackline antics, Cath’s freckly schoolgirl costume.

Thanks guys!

Team Lucky use cunning tactics to give the ball to the other team


2 Responses

  1. Very good weekend lots of fun, shame we lost on points but we had 4 moral victories. If the lake was a bit deeper and we could use our zimmers then we would have probably done better :o)

    Next year i may have tooth ache or a stiff shoulder or worse, a sunburnt bald patch :o)

    Great weekend great team to play with just shame we didn’t win one but we have learned a good few lessons.


  2. Should enjoy the sports don’t worry to lose.

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