BUSA polo next weekend

 Team “lucky” is set for BUSA, hot water bottles are warmed and ready…..

How lucky can one team be? Dave R has two dislocated fingers, Dave Oz has one hyperextended shoulder and Tim’s tooth has exploded in a diving accident.

So the team is currently: Will, Ali D, Jenny L, Sue D and Helen.

 Any other takers????


4 Responses

  1. We can do it girls, i bet we last longer than the student boys team ;o) and we will show them how to party on saturday night.

    See ya Fri


  2. p.s who’s Sue D???

  3. Sue D, alias SusieQ, alias a pink cat

  4. Good LUCC guys- sorry I can’t make it, am sure you’ll kick some student ass….. again!

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