Scotland was tops

It was a bit dry but on the whole we made the best of it. First day was a scrape down the etive, big falls over rocks landing in a little bit of water, just deep enough to stop your feet getting hurt. The last drop was shoulder poppingly fun, ruling me out from boating for the rest of the weekend. (but hopefully not for the alps)

Friday, I did a whole lot of walking and sleeping while everyone else made their way down the Arkaig, followed by the Spean Gorge, it appears there was enough water to cause some fresher based carnage. (Wish I was there to watch).

Saturday was a walking day, bit a of a lack of water, meant we split into 3 groups walkers, hardcore walkers, and mountain bikers. The mountain bikers discovered that most the paddlers in Fort William over Easter wanted to hire mountain bikes for the day… and turned into walkers number 3.


Sunday was a day of the Findhorn and of course… silly hats

Silly Hats Kimhats2.jpghats3.jpg

And Randolph’s leap

Randolphs Leap

(Insert Rachel’s story here).

The problem with borrowing photos is that I only get what I am given – I don’t yet have any pics of the evening’s costumes, which were tops. The freshers made a particular effort, with a whole lot of Knights (some saying Ni, some not) were on display… Cath was dressed in Black and losing limbs by the minute.
Then we wrapped it all up with the Etive again on the way home… thanks to the drivers (Will, Cath, Rachel, Dom, Kev) and an extra special thanks to Will for organising the trip and signing us up for another year, before this one is done. Photos are courtesy of Andy Rahoo!


2 Responses

  1. There is obviously a serious lesson here about the dangers of Asda bunny ears. What does history tell us? In the story of the tortoise and the hare, who wins? In the story of the Wiganite and the Orchy, huh? Huh? Pay heed! Play safe! An easter basket of primroses strapped to your noggin? GOOD! Drawling “What’s up doc?” with a carrot in your mouth? BEWARE!! Look what Martin’s wearing! Smart man! Ducks float.

  2. “Claire’s accessories” bunny ears last for years. Mine have survived their second scotland trip and are ready and waiting for their third!!! Not only do they survive the findhorn but the etive as well. Smart bunnies go to Claires accessories.

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