Morocco Trip Pics

Sue and I have just got back from Morocco trip with WaterByNature. Here are some pics, xx Helen

Riads are nice places to stay, Marakesh is very busy, Sue is drinking mint tea for a change.

RiadMarakeshMint Tea

The Ahensal River runs into Bin-el-Ouidane lake. Our trip put in at Cathedral Rock, and took four days to reach the lake. We met some spanish paddlers (the only other paddlers we saw) and they were doing it in two days, but we were happy taking longer – our trip was called “Mellow Morocco”, after all 🙂 The river above this section has been run and is somewhat harder?

 Bin-el-Ouidane LakeCathedral RockAhansalahansal river

 Water level was perfect – recent snow the previous week and nice sunshine to melt it meant that the level was low towards middling.  Day 1: Mostly II/III. Day 2 III/III+, “Wee Stinky” can be IV but was more like III+ at this level (I still swam, haha). Day 3 III/III+ (IV-). Portaged “The Mill” (syphon created by recent rockfall) and “Rock the Kasbah” (some pourover / awkardness going on at the very end of this rapid). Day 4 Morning starting off III with “Cheeky Monkey” and other rapids, then calming to a gentle afternoon of class I/II through the most gorgy sections ending up by the lake.

HelenSue in the gorgeSue 

Here is “Wee Stinky” – this is a very sad picture of Helen 🙂

Helen’s Swim

The feeling along the river is that it is fairly inaccessible – the valleys are very steep-sided, and there are very few paths and tracks, but we did sometimes see local people, some of them digging irrigation channels and managing the river banks into terraced crop fields. This must have to be done again each year, as there can be heavy floods in the winter.

goat bridgeCactustemporary bridge

Luxury Camping is something we could definitely get used to. All you need is a gear-raft for all your gubbins, a kitchen sink, and a lasagne recipe…… 

gear raftkitchenlasagne

To round off the holiday we went to Essouira port for two days of chill out surftime and relaxing, then home.


Blue Boats


More pictures here and here.


3 Responses

  1. wow looks like you guys had a fab time. We had sunshine in Scotland but no water so looks likr you chose the better option. Look forward to hearing you tales.

  2. Hi Helen… cool to see other piccies from holidays! Feels like for ever ago already Hope all is well. Catch you and Sue around some time I hope. Let me know if you’re ever heading up this way!


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