More on the Scotland trip.

Another interesting Scotland.  It was quite dry for the most part but it was a few good days off from the constant study for finals (at last) with some good friends, and some of the younger newbies in the club (future good friends).   As someone has already said, we bagged a few rivers even though the levels generally were low. And things were, er, eventful…

Us in the pub,  where else would we be?

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Kayak – a book by william nealy

Kayak, Neally.

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This book is, as you would expect, very funny indeed.  More unexpectedly, everything in it is actually true and useful. Understanding river features and flow is so much easier with lovingly-drawn diagrams of multiple doomed mini-paddlers, pre-trashing, post-trashing and during-trashing. Continue reading

Langstrath beck

In early April, we camped by Stonethwaite beck, most lovely. This, and a section of the upper Derwent, which it joins, are on  my list of nice scenic II/III- to do. Sometime when there’s actually water in them, not now. These pictures are of the clear green bathing pools further upstream, in Langstrath beck.

 langstrath troll poollangstrath green poollangstrath channel

When runnable, the guidebook describes Langstrathbeck as V pooldrop, with more drop than pool, and this is not on my list of things to do. I’ll happily watch you do it.

langstrath frothy poollangstrath waterdroplangstrath waterfalllangstrath boulder

BUSA old boys results

Haha, we did BUSA, and despite all attempts by “team supremely unlucky” to self-destruct before the tournament, we still had a team of: Will, Ali D, Jenny, Helen, Cath and borrowees Ducky and Ian.

 Saturday we played the other teams in our minigroup, thats: Leeds (we lost), Bath (we lost) and Cardiff (we lost). Is there a pattern here? 🙂

Sunday, we played a crossover game against Loughborough olds. Although they also beat us, about 2-0, this was a far more enjoyable game and more at our level, hooray!

Highlights of the weekend were: Watching the students do loads better than us (well done!), Slackline antics, Cath’s freckly schoolgirl costume.

Thanks guys!

Team Lucky use cunning tactics to give the ball to the other team

BUSA polo next weekend

 Team “lucky” is set for BUSA, hot water bottles are warmed and ready…..

How lucky can one team be? Dave R has two dislocated fingers, Dave Oz has one hyperextended shoulder and Tim’s tooth has exploded in a diving accident.

So the team is currently: Will, Ali D, Jenny L, Sue D and Helen.

 Any other takers????

Scotland was tops

It was a bit dry but on the whole we made the best of it. First day was a scrape down the etive, big falls over rocks landing in a little bit of water, just deep enough to stop your feet getting hurt. The last drop was shoulder poppingly fun, ruling me out from boating for the rest of the weekend. (but hopefully not for the alps)

Friday, I did a whole lot of walking and sleeping while everyone else made their way down the Arkaig, followed by the Spean Gorge, it appears there was enough water to cause some fresher based carnage. (Wish I was there to watch).

Saturday was a walking day, bit a of a lack of water, meant we split into 3 groups walkers, hardcore walkers, and mountain bikers. The mountain bikers discovered that most the paddlers in Fort William over Easter wanted to hire mountain bikes for the day… and turned into walkers number 3.


Sunday was a day of the Findhorn and of course… silly hats

Silly Hats Kimhats2.jpghats3.jpg

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Morocco Trip Pics

Sue and I have just got back from Morocco trip with WaterByNature. Here are some pics, xx Helen

Riads are nice places to stay, Marakesh is very busy, Sue is drinking mint tea for a change.

RiadMarakeshMint Tea

The Ahensal River runs into Bin-el-Ouidane lake. Our trip put in at Cathedral Rock, and took four days to reach the lake. We met some spanish paddlers (the only other paddlers we saw) and they were doing it in two days, but we were happy taking longer – our trip was called “Mellow Morocco”, after all 🙂 The river above this section has been run and is somewhat harder?

 Bin-el-Ouidane LakeCathedral RockAhansalahansal river

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