Annual dinner

More pictures are available at Kaylia’s facebook site, where login and young-person-credibility are required. So here is a selection for you.

Show your tonsilsPeeps

We’re just a coupla’ swellsGits-r-usAll the girls

IncySambo Matt


2 Responses

  1. Anyone actually know how to use face book?

  2. Hello, the main way to use facebook is to collect friends. These can be people you know, people you’d like to know, or more often, ski instructors called Giorgio that your sister’s hairdresser once met. I have 10673 friends.

    The next important thing to do is to add photos and tag them. In this way, it is impossible to ever forget any embarassing clinches you may have had in the raz. This is very good for your soul.

    Facebook is an embodiement of the “small world principle” – wherever you are in the world, you are only 6 electronic handshakes away from george bush. George Bush has 1762534 friends. Strangely none of them are Iranian.

    Another name for facebook is “stalkerbook”. See wikipedia entry at for more info.

    I think that to register for facebook you need a university email address? Although this may have changed nowadays.

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