25th March Tryweryn


Yey i got a new boat. It’s big, its orange, it’s like an armchair and makes grade 3-4 into a bimble. Took if for a test on the Trywerwn on sunday. It makes micro eddies, ploughs through holes/stoppers, prevents my legs from going dead and sits miles on top of the water. Only prob is its tendancy to get stuck in holes if you end up in them. My Chronic never got stuck upside down on the cafe wave but this one did….. Anyway had a good day on the river with Will on sunday and met James Thomas who had some exciting news.


3 Responses

  1. I met up with my Brother in Law today, who is coming to France/Austria… quite amusingly they are getting smaller boats to make them easier to fly with…

    What kind of boat is it Cath?

  2. Yes, what kind is it Cath? Post a picture! xh

  3. its a lovely H3 and has very few scratches on it. I’m soon gonna change that though. I need a name for my new boat so any suggestions?

    he he Dave we can spend lots of time laughing at your bro and sis as they get back looped all the time.

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