24th March, The Dee

To prove we are totally not lame, not only did we Dance, and drink our way to the wee hours of the morning. But then, stumbled out of bed for the respectable time of 11ish to go paddling.

The Parte’ consisted of Helen, Rachel, Phil and myself, and off we went to do the Dee (this was my first ever trip on the dee, twas exciting.)

Helen had a swim on serpents tail. I was too polite to laugh at the time. Then bit of a bimble down through Nomads to Town Falls… Town falls looks a lot smaller from the bridge. All made it look easy, except Rachel who made it look painful, completing most of it upside down… and bouncing. Still Rachel’s immediate reaction was to roll, rather than the deck popping option we witnessed earlier in the day 😛

Some boat and kit shopping/browsing later and we came back to Liverpool. Anyway, top day, many thanks to Helen and Phil for driving and Rachel for providing the final entertainment. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. We had a lovely calm paddle down the Dee. Beautiful weather and hardly any other paddlers. Lovely. And it proved that I DO learn things when I’m paddling. After smashing my nose on a rock before Christmas, I decided not to repeat it. As soon as I went over, I stuck my nose on my deck, then waited til my head stopped hitting rocks and rolled…… Got a cheer when I came up!

  2. Yay, I learned: “Don’t paddle with a hangover.” Actually, scrub that, DO paddle with a hangover. Thanks for a lovely trip, and for rescuing me (blush)….

  3. An excellent trip. Quite glad I didn’t get the fish tank though. (at the top of the Dee behind the shed if anyone wants it)

    Sadly, the excitement prooved too much for my little car and it died on the home straight with one mile to go 😦

    Thanks helen and Rachel for taking one for the team and providing the entertainment.

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