Polo – Grudge match

Last week’s pool session saw a polo match between the old-gits and youngsters. I only mention this repeatedly because THE OLD GITS WON 🙂 A rematch is planned tonight? Andy R’s rules are copied here. HEALTH WARNING: Reading them can seriously enhance any feelings of smugness.

The Rules: 

1. An old git is deemed by the official adjudicator (tba) to be:
a) senile or with body pieces missing (from running ridiculous rivers in
wooden canoes since back in the good old days of 1834)
b) having one or more grey hairs or receding hairs of any colour
c) having a job (?!?!?!)
d) missing the pool session because of a job
e) drinking horlicks before bedtime with a hot water bottle

2. A young gun is:
a) red eyed because of severe hangover from 2 days ago, or sitting in the
library for 125hours without moving or breathing.
b) someone with a radical haircut, or a cheap one, or a home-made one
c) under the age of “eternal studentdom”
d) better

3. Rules of play:
a) Thrashing will comence at 9:10PM (cheers will)
b) there will be 3 halves….?!
c) Each half is 5mins long
d) The first half will be tight fisted normal polo
e) The second half will be played using C1 paddles
f) The third half to be played withOUT spraydecks, but with normal paddles and
will be a multi-ball scenario!
g) Multi-ball can be started and ended at any time by the official
adjudicator, with up to 3 balls in the game at any time
h) Multi-ball entered into the middle of the pitch with a triple whistle blast
i) Turn around between halves is 15 seconds, if not ready, we play on
j) NO substitutions allowed… strictly 5 on 5
k) Each half is a different round, to best of 3 rounds to win

May the old gits lose…..


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