Report on Jim Hargreaves’ talk: History of the Klondike – Wilderness Paddling in the Yukon

Yay, thanks Rachel for organising excellent talk, and a very big thanks to Jim for teaching us many things!

Got him over a barrel now 

What we learned:

  • How to do the Klondike shuffle
  • How to pan for gold
  • How to make dehydrated-chilli-con-carne
  • What a “Conundrum” is
  • That 9 out of 10 bears prefer scout-snacks
  • For the coolest shuttles, use a float-plane
  • Jim runs trips on the Yukon every year, prospective punters, get in touch, it is an amazing trip!

Mountain river - braided river structure

The yukon pics were of amazing “braided” rivers. The wavetrains look quite manageable, until you notice the scale of the pictures and find out how darn quick the water is moving (18 km/h). The character of the rivers is quite different to the UK – classic big water features, among sheer gorge walls, don’t explore those amazing undercuts boys and girls!

The gorges are true things of beauty, the backdrop scenery is fantastic and the bear encounters rather, er, close up! But luckily Jim has bear-flares (these are not a 70s fashion-phase apparantly) and a lot of wilderness knowhow to-boot. All in all, an excellent talk, many thanks to Jim and Rachel and to Pete Knowles of riverspublishing. Looking forward to the Allan Ellard talk on Feb 14th, some steep gradient himalayan misty madness, don’t miss it!

References: Trip Info of Mountain River Trip 2007